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Expedition Series, the new range of tools dedicated to professional explorers, welcomes a folding knife model, RAO II Expeditions.

The Expedition Series knives offer the same reliability and high quality as any other Extrema Ratio tactical tool provided to the military special forces and law enforcement. Rao II Expeditions is a tool that, thanks to its structure and despite its compactness, guarantees the same functionality and characteristics of a much bigger and more robust product.

It has a desert-coloured handle and sheath as any other model of the Expedition Series. It has a BÖHLER N690 (58HRC) blade steel with MIL-C-13924 burnishing and a superficial stone washed finishing (DARK STONE finishing). Rao II Expeditions has ergonomic handle scales with rounded upper angles, and a drop point blade.

It is inspired by the RAO model with tanto blade, which has been employed by the Italian 185° Rgt. Ricognizione e Acquisizione Obiettivi “FOLGORE” (185° RAO). The new Expedition Series folding knife can be easily used for heavy duties also thanks to its extremely sturdy locking mechanism, which is supported by a safety that turns it into a proper fixed blade.

There is a threaded steel pin to be hand-screwed through two holes by the guard section of the massive Anticorodal aluminum handle; this was added to guarantee 100% resistance of the locking mechanism due to the heavy use and the violence of the blows caused by the mass of the tool. Maximum safety is guaranteed for the user by screwing the pin in this seat.

All models in the Expeditions Series are equipped with desert-coloured sheaths and, among its various tools, with a firesteel for lighting fires. RAO II Expeditions is no exception and comes with a desert Cordura sheath which is an essential component of the carry system.

This particular sheath allows to carry the knife with the blade closed by placing it in the specific front pocket, or with the blade open by inserting it in the dedicated compartment which has a safety system consisting of a strap with double clips. In addition to the firesteel there is also a diamond sharpener. The MOLLE fixing system of the sheath allows it to be carried on tactical vests and generic belts.

In stock

In stock


Weight g.: 332
weight oz.: 11,4
Blade Length (mm): 119
Blade Length (in): 4.7
Total Length (mm): 263
Total Length (in): 10,4
Blade Thickness (mm): 6
Blade Thickness (in): 0,24
Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing: DARK STONE
Main Grind: FLAT


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