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Expedition Series is the new range of tools dedicated to professional explorers.

The Expedition Series knives offer the same reliability and high quality as any other Extrema Ratio tactical tool provided to the military special forces and law enforcement.

Kreios Expeditions was developed and designed in collaboration with Master Advanced Instructor Daniele Dal Canto, who dubbed it the “off-road” of edged tools. Its design is not just meant for a specific use, but for an extremely versatile multi-purpose tool for a vast array of outdoor activities.

Its ergonomics, weight and size make the Kreios Expeditions highly effective at carving a path through dense foliage, especially when keeping a safe distance from thorny or otherwise dangerous vegetation. Because of its sturdiness, it also performs excellently as a heavy field work machete, in such duties as felling trees or chopping firewood.

The length of its 12” ¾ “full flat” cutting edge combined with its 11° downward blade-to-grip angle and hefty 22 ½ oz. weight yield a extraordinary cutting capability and very high tolerance to tensile stress. Contemporary geometries and materials meld with Malaysian and African traditions into a heavy duty field work tool which doubles as a weapon of defense and offense in a pinch.

Kreios Expeditions has a desert forprene handle and a BÖHLER N690 (58HRC) blade steel with MIL-C-13924 burnishing and a superficial stone washed finishing (DARK STONE finishing).

It comes with a desert cordura sheath with MOLLE system, a safety carry shoulder belt, a mini puch containing a paracord with flammable filament, which can be used in case of emergency and/or difficult climatic conditions, and a Firesteel for lighting fires.

In stock

In stock


Weight g.: 642
weight oz.: 22,6
Blade Length (mm): 324
Blade Length (in): 12.8
Total Length (mm): 476
Total Length (in): 18,7
Blade Thickness (mm): 6,3
Blade Thickness (in): 0,25
Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing: DARK STONE
Main Grind: FLAT
Handle Material: FORPRENE


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