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Ant is the most compact of the Extrema Ratio folding knives. Despite its small size, this model has an extremely robust, resistant and reliable structure. The handle consists of two different elements, the grip made of anodized anticorodal aluminum and the tempered steel frame that functions as a locking mechanism for the blade (Frame Lock System). Part of the frame is bent inwards to firmly fix the blade when opened, thus increasing the operator’s safety during use.

On the shank there is a slot for inserting a lanyard; on the right side of the handle there is a steel clip that allows to conceal the knife inside the pocket. Ant is available in 4 versions with two different types of steel both supplied by Böhler, an Austrian company which Extrema Ratio has been collaborating with for more than 20 years, using their time-tested materials to produce its blades.

Ant Black and Ant Black Stone Washed are made of Böhler N690, hardened to 58 HRC for better balance between edge retention and strength; this is a type of steel used by Extrema Ratio for the majority of its knives.

Rescue Red Stone Washed M390 and Black Stone Washed M390 are made of Böhler M390 steel heat treated to 61 HRC which, thanks to metallurgical powder production processes, guarantees cutting effectiveness, resistance to wear and oxidation over time. The sheepsfoot blade is equipped with a small slot on the top to facilitate opening. Its particular structure, thanks to the straight edge, allows the user to comfortably rest his fingers on the back of the knife and use it smoothly.

Ant Rescue, unlike the other 3 versions, has a red grip that allows the operator to find the knife more easily in the event of a fall. This version is equipped with a specific serration that allows it to cut ropes and even extremely strong aramid materials. This model also features a tapered shank that acts as an emergency screwdriver. Thanks to these peculiarities, Ant Rescue has been selected by the ‘Alpine Troop School of the Italian Army’ to be part of its equipment.

Extrema Ratio Ant is available in the following versions:

Ant Black (black handle scales and Böhler N690 burnished blade)

Ant Black Stone Washed (black handle scales and Böhler N690 Stone Washed blade)

Ant Black Stone Washed M390 (black handle scales and Böhler M390 Stone Washed blade)

Ant Rescue Red Stone Washed (red handle scales and Böhler M390 Stone Washed blade)

In stock

In stock


Weight g.: 42
weight oz.: 1,48
Blade Length (mm): 50
Blade Length (in): 1.9
Total Length (mm): 127
Total Length (in): 5
Blade Thickness (mm): 2,2
Blade Thickness (in): 0,08
Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
Blade Finishing: STONE WASHED
Main Grind: FLAT
Handle Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)


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