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Law Warnings

It is very important to stress that collecting knives which are not considered “common weapons” is accepted. It has not been fixed a maximum number of knives for collection and no particular collector licence is requested. Anyway here are some more information to avoid misunderstandings and problems.

All the above are considered weapons and it is requested a special authorisation to buy them.

Every single bought weapon must then be declared to Law Enforcement (Article 38 TULPS law).All other knives, such as kitchen knives, working knives, hunting knives, camping knives, no edge swords and axes, are considered not real weapons and can be purchased and held without formality. Anyway one can carry such weapons “produced to offend” only in case of justified reason (art. 4 L. 110/75), even in case of a penknife with a 2 cm blade.

Justified reason means a legitimate reason – but unfortunately not always usual – to carry the knife during certain activities for which the knife itself is requested.

Tracking, fishing, hunting, camping are considered as valid reasons to carry a knife, unless it is a real weapon.

As far as transport, it is requested to keep the knife not ready for use, maybe packed, so that it is obvious the will and the intention not to use it during transport.

Not firing weapons, such as knives, are considered as common weapons by Italian laws.

Real weapons are considered those which natural target is the “offence” to people, while not real weapons are those produced not to offend, but anyway they can be used for this purpose, too.

Daggers: from Latin pugna=battle, these knives are clearly intended for combat. They can be identified as double-edged knives as daggers and stilettos; they have generally symmetrical blade shape.Bayonets: all the knives that include a (working) mechanism and can be fixed to a gun (of any origin or period).

Sabers and swords: only those sharpened and pointed. They are not included the decorative ones and those with no cutting edge or functional tip.

Assisted opening knives: they are folding knives that open acting on a mechanism which attends the opening (usually a button releases a spring).

Sword canes: charming tool a little bit out of use. It is usually a walking stick that hides inside a blade or a metal wedge that can be unsheathed.

–  We firmly reccommend, before using our products, to check Local Laws and Regulations, concerning knives and weapons. –


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