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In order to preserve the interest of all our present and future clients we want to focus your attention on the fakes phenomenon

Worldwide on the market we can find replicas of Extrema Ratio knives (showing the Extrema Ratio logo or a different logo as MP9) which differ from the original ones in materials and production processes.

Please remember that all our knives are produced only in Italy, basically in our factory located in Prato via Traversa delle Ripalte 72/78.

Our highly trained staff carries out an accurate quality control on production processes and on raw materials

Extrema Ratio has never granted production licenses to any other producer

Extrema Ratio will prosecute as we are already doing, anyone who is producing or selling fakes of our products in Italy and abroad

Therefore we raccomend you to buy our Extrema Ratio products only through our website or our official resellers or to contact our customer service for more information on this subject

In order to help you spot an Extrema Ratio product from a fake, we invite you to download this information booklet.

We would like to thank journalists and publishings for their precious support to combat this problem and to help us preserving the honor and the integrity of our products which are designed, manufactured and produced exclusively in our Italian factory.

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